CSE 3502 Announcements

Prof. Dina Goldin

Spring 2017


1.      Its important to read the textbook in order to keep up with the material!

2.      For next Thursday 4/6, please do Homework 7. Its due on paper at the beginning of class.

3.      There is a link to a multitape TM simulator in the links section of the CSE 3502 website (https://turingmachinesimulator.com/ ), with 2 examples of 2-tape machines and 2 examples of 3-tape machines. Please run them on your own at low speed and see what happens.


(3/2/17) For problem 3 on homework 5, please follow directions whether to prove using Pumping Lemma or closure rules. Tuesday 3/7 will be review to prepare for 3/9 midterm. We will go over both homework 4 (returned Tuesday) and homework 5 (due Tuesday). If you would like to go over any other problem from any homework, PLEASE EMAIL ME about it before Tuesday (dina.goldin@uconn.edu).

(2/28/17) Homework 5 is due next Tuesday 3/7. There will be a midterm on Thursday 3/9 on the material in homeworks 1-5. Tuesday 3/7 will be a review.

(2/14/17) For next Tuesday 2/21, please do Homework 3. Its due on paper at the beginning of class.

(2/6/17) In homework 2 problem 2b, the reference 1.6l is NOT 1.61, but 1.6 L.

(1/26/17) UPE will be offering free tutoring for CSE3502 in ITE 301 on Tuesdays from 18:00 to 20:00 and on Wednesdays from 17:15 to 18:30.

(1/24/17) For next Tuesday 1/31, please do Homework 1. Its due on paper at the beginning of class.

(1/19/17) For Tuesday 1/23, make sure you have the textbook (Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser, 3rd edition), and read the pages specified in the lecture notes for lecture 1.

(1/17/17) For Thursday 1/19, do Homework 0, and read Chapter 0 of the textbook.  Please contact me if you are not familiar with any of the material in Chapter 0.