CSE 3502 Honor Code


CSE 3502 has very high expectations for its students, both scholastically and ethically. As a CSE 3502 student, it behooves you to uphold the course's honor code.

Problem Sets. Students are encouraged to collaborate on problem set assignments; the final submitted product, however, must be prepared by the student submitting the work. If you obtain any part of your solutions with the help of others or other sources, you must identify the sources/people on your submitted homework (you do not need to cite the textbook or refer to class notes).

Examinations. Exam solutions are to represent the sole intellectual effort of the student submitting the work. In particular, this precludes usage or adaptation of material from unallowed printed matter, from the Internet, peers, etc.

Plagiarism and academic misconduct. Plagiarism and academic misconduct are extremely serious offenses, and will be aggressively pursued by course staff according to the University regulations. See the following for details: http://community.uconn.edu/the-student-code-preamble/


CSE 3502 adopts the following amplifications of the University's guidelines for academic misconduct.

O Any incidence of plagiarism or academic misconduct will result in a zero recorded for the affected course deliverable.

O A repeat offense will result in at least one letter grade reduction for the final course grade.

O A third offense will result in an F for the course.

Penalties may be more severe depending on the case. In all cases, incidents of plagiarism or academic misconduct will be reported and filed at the Department and the University.