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CSE 3502, Fall 2017

Introduction to the Theory of Computation

Homework 0: Questionnaire



1.      Name:                                       



2.      Email address (for course-related email):



3.      Please fill in the following information about prerequisites:


COURSE                    WHEN TAKEN         INSTRUCTOR


 CSE 2100                               ?                                  ?


 CSE 2500                               ?                                  ?



4.      What other courses (CS and otherwise) are you taking this semester?




5.      Why are you taking this course at this time (check all that apply):

[   ] It's required

[   ] I might not be able to graduate on time if I don't take it now

[   ] The other section was already full

[   ] I think I'll really like this material

[   ] I want a challenge



6.      Please read ALL of the course homepage ( carefully, as well as the CSE 3502 Honor Code, and check this box when you are done: [   ]



7.      Students who wish to take CSE 3502 must pledge to uphold the honor code above.




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8.      Is there anything else you think we should know about you or your background?