Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technical interdisciplinary
field  intersecting with many different areas including
cryptography, software and computer systems design, information and signal processing, law, policy-making, as well as business analysis and economics.
Currently human intellectual product is predominantly produced in digital form and as a result the DRM problem ought to be viewed in a broader sense that spans the full spectrum of human productivity rather than a narrow perspective that applies it to music or videos.  
Seventh ACM DRM Workshop
ACM-DRM is an international workshop that looks at the DRM problem in its broadest possible interpretation and aims to bring together scientists and scholars from all the related disciplines for an exchange of ideas and presentation of cutting edge results related to digital content distribution.
October 29, 2007
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
submission deadline: EXTENDED June 24, 2007
proceedings version: August 24, 2007
acceptance notification: August 2, 2007
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and Support
Thanks to the financial support of Microsoft a small amount of fellowships will be available to full-time students that are authors of papers in DRM’07. More information will be available later on.
Workshop Date: October 29, 2007
Andrew Odlyzko will be delivering the workshop’s keynote talk this year.