Timoteus Ziminski


About: I'm a computer science Ph.D. student at the CSE department of the University of Connecticut. My reasearch is focused on software architectures for data and system integration with an emphasis on solutions which are suitable for application in biomedical informatics. More broadly, I am also interested in software engineering, design methods, and the management of development processes.

Research Interests

Software Architectures

Large-scale systems, service-oriented architectures, data integration, system interoperability, cloud computing, model-driven development

Biomedical Informatics

Health information exchange, medical data management, data standardization and standard translation, EMR and PHR usablility


T.B. Ziminski, A. De La Rosa Algarín, R. Saripalle, S.A. Demurjian, E. Jackson. SMARTSync: Towards Patient-Driven Medication Reconciliation Using the SMART Framework. Proceedings of 2012 International Workshop on Biomedical and Health Informatics (pp. 806-813). 2012.

Papers in Preparation

T.B. Ziminski, S.A. Demurjian. Architectural Alternatives for Integrating Health Care Data and Systems. 2012.

T.B. Ziminski, A. De La Rosa Algarín, S.A. Demurjian. Healh care applications: a service-based approach. 2012


CTCDR Software Developer and Server Admin

The Connecticut Crash Data Repository is an online query tool for the research-related analysis of car crash information collected by state and local police.

SMARTSync Back-end developer

SMARTSync is a multi-platform application for patient-driven medication reconciliation and is based on the SMART platform.


University of Connecticut - Storrs, CT, USA

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Research topic: A Formal Modeling Framework for Architecting Information Exchange Among Heterogeneous Repositories
  • Major advisor: Prof. Dr. Steven A. Demurjian

Technische Universit├Ąt Dortmund - Dortmund, Germany

Diplom-Informatiker (M.S. equivallent, theoretical computer science)

  • Thesis: A Study of Architectural Alternatives for Integrating Health Care Data and Systems
  • Minor: Business Administration

Engineering Skillset


Certified as SCJP and SCWCD, Hibernate, Struts, JBoss, Tomcat, Eclipse


Ubuntu Server, Windows Server 2008, MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, Apache, IIS Virtualbox


Perl, MySQL, JavaScript/AJAX, jQuery, XML, git, SVN

Teaching Experience

University of Connecticut - Storrs, CT, USATeaching Assistant

  • Grading for CSE 2100: Datastructures and Introduction to Algorithms
  • Responsible for practical programming assignments