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Virtual Senior Design Demonstration Day 2020

The capstone Senior Design Project Program is a hallmark of success for engineering seniors. Mentored by faculty and industry engineers, students work to solve real-world engineering problems. Students learn principles of design, ethical issues affecting engineering decisions, professional communication, and the day-to-day implications of intellectual property.

Each year, dozens of leading companies, most of which are based in Connecticut, suggest a problem, assign a technical representative, and mentor the senior engineering students as they develop meaningful solutions. The program gives graduating seniors hands-on experience working on projects that make a difference right here in our community.

This year, the Senior Design projects are featured virtually to celebrate the creativity and innovation of our graduating seniors. We invite you to watch the welcome video from the School of Engineering Dean, Kazem Kazerounian, and view Computer Science & Engineering project videos from 34 teams. The clips highlight the students’ research and problem solving, design method, and construction of a working prototype. Enjoy!

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