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A Note from The Department Head

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of our establishment as an academic department at the University of Connecticut. Yet the history of computer science at the University actually begins over half a century ago with the introduction of our first courses in computing. The Computer Science curriculum was formally established in 1972, becoming accredited five years later among the very first undergraduate programs in the field of Computer Science.

As we enter our next epoch, Computer Science & Engineering encompasses broad areas of intellectual discourse in informatics spanning a plethora of educational and research activities ranging from the very foundations of computability to the challenges of building dependable and secure computer and cyber-physical systems that underlie much of the modern society endeavors. The department is ever-growing; our undergraduate enrollment has doubled in the last four years and the number of doctoral students exceeds one hundred for the first time. Our faculty now includes more than thirty full-time members for the first time in our history. Since the start of the millennium, the department has experienced significant qualitative evolution, complementing our rigorous educational curricula with comprehensive research programs in several areas.

Our department has excellent and diverse faculty with research and education expertise in the traditional and emerging fields of computer science and engineering. We continue to attract talented young faculty, with eleven of our faculty winning the prestigious National Science Foundation Career Awards since the turn of the century. Our presence remains strong in the community as we fulfill our mission of research, education, industrial and public outreach, and service to the profession. I invite you to browse our website at www.cse.uconn.edu where you will find detailed information on our academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, research and teaching profiles of our faculty, and student societies. I am confident you will find a topic that sparks your interest. As you get to know us better do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.


Alexander A. Schwarzmann

Department Head