Academic Awards Presented to Stellar Undergraduate Students

On December 9th, forty three seniors were recognized for their superior academic performance in Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering.  The special event was hosted by the Department Head, Alexander Schwarzmann, who presented the awards to this distinguished group of gifted students. During the event, Professor Schwarzmann stated, “You are amongst the brightest and most accomplished undergraduate students in our department, and we recognize your hard work and we are proud of your outstanding achievements. With over 650 students in our programs one might feel lost in the crowd. I want to let you know that we do care about your success and we do take personal note when you excel in our challenging field of study.”   

Awards were given as follows:

Certificate of Highest Academic Achievement in Computer Science & Engineering: Aaron Huang

Certificate of Highest Academic Achievement in Computer Science: John Butler

Certificate of Highest Academic Achievement in Computer Engineering: Nancy Cheng

Certificate of Outstanding Academic Achievement: Nicholas Chapman, Cory Wang, Alan Bergquist, Lauren Biernacki, Connor Riley, Jared MacFarlane, Siena Biales, Maurice Wallace, Theodore Jensen, William Dickson, Matthew Arnold, Lu Li, Astha Patni, Connor Ginley, Ashley Dumaine, James Boivie, Anthony Barletta, Dalton Miner, Ryan Zuklie, Cindy Lin, Gang Fan, Robert Paganetti, Rebecca Davis, Christian Kuntz, Michael Motley, Jianxing Ke, and Antonia Lewis.

Academic Achievement Award: Brianna Mathiowetz, Ryan Carmellini, Austin Deschenes, Connor Gates, Jessica Li, Yuchen Jiang, Mark Davis, Joseph Smith, Patrick Belanger, Colby Scotta, Elizabeth Pelletier, Jessie Ostrander, and Samuel Garfinkel.


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