Computation and Neuroscience Research Assistant Opportunity at Yale University

There is a computation and neuroscience research assistant position available in my laboratory for 1-2 years, appropriate for a student or recent graduate who wishes to spend at least 1 year doing full time research before pursuing a career or graduate studies in computation and neuroscience related fields (Computer Science, Bioengineering, Neurobiology, MD/PhD, etc.).

My research is on normal brain mechanisms of consciousness and loss of consciousness during epileptic seizures (see also Ongoing projects include human fMRI with simultaneous EEG, intracranial EEG, behavioral testing, pupillometry and machine learning. In addition, we perform in vivo electrophysiology and fMRI recordings from animal models of epilepsy to investigate cortical and subcortical network interactions. This position involves participating in a multi-disciplinary team, working on improving computational methods for localizing brain activity and treating epileptic seizures. Research or work experience in computer programming especially with MATLAB and mathematics is essential; experience in neuroscience or equivalent advanced coursework in these fields is also highly desirable.

Ample opportunities will also be available for exposure to Applied Mathematics, clinical Neurology, Neurosurgery, and related fields depending on the student’s interests. Mentoring will be provided on how to pursue a career in computer science and neuroscience research, or on how to combine basic research and clinical work through a career in academia.

Interested applicants should send a brief cover letter, CV or resume, and three letters of reference via email to:
Note: due to high demand please do not send inquiries without attaching a CV/resume

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