CSE Colloquium: Ahmed Al-Kattan

Evolutionary Computation: Theory and Practice – A Commercial Perspective


Ahmed Al-Kattan, Um Al-Qura University

11am April 17, 2015 in ITEB 336  

In this talk I will cover some real-world applications of Evolutionary Computation (EC). My talk will mainly include two main projects that I am working on for the past few years: 

1-  I will talk about using EC for analysing the Saudi Arabian labor market and automatically generate public policies. Genetic Programming is used as multi-objective optimisation engine to detect irregularities in the labor market and generate policies that maximise the governmental objectives. In addition, we used Agent based modelling to simulate jobs seekers and jobs owners negotiation process based on Nash theory of equilibrium. 

2- I will talk about extracting EEG signals from two human brains to collaboratively perform a joint task.  

Finally, I will share my experience about a successful growing startup company that I have started called EvoSys where our team using EC as commercial tools to solve real-world problems for end users. 

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