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CSE Recognizes Senior Design Project Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Computer Science & Engineering’s 2020 Senior Design Project competition! Top honors go to Team 5: Cloud Developer Management Dashboard and Team 17: Process Visualization.

Second place was also a tie between Team 16: Secure Embedded Architecture and Team 27: Cloud-Based Fuel Management System. Third place goes to Team 24: Visual Inspection Automation.

The projects were evaluated by a select group of professionals from industry and academia on overall quality and presentation. This included the project idea, impact, design, interface, demo of the prototype, and the students’ communication skills.

The awards were presented by Dr. Joseph Johnson, Senior Design Coordinator, Associate Professor in-Residence and Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs in Computing.

Click here to view all projects and the 34 teams in the CSE department.

The winners of this year’s Senior Design Project Program Competition:

First place

Team 5- Cloud Developer Management Dashboard

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin, Advisor: Dr. Joseph Johnson

Team members: Tyler Cromwell, Cristian Gutu, Nick Huynh and Michael Welch

Team 17- Process Visualization

Sponsor: Unilever, Advisor: Dr. Dong-Guk Shin

Team members: Xuan Chau, Chris Lo, Martin Place and Yijiang Yu


Second Place

Team 16- Secure Embedded Architecture

Sponsor: Pratt and Whitney, Advisors: Dr. Bing Wang and Dr. Jerry Shi

Team members: Agean Binan, Benjamin Buchmeier, Taeyoung Park, Ethan Pernal and Patrick Thompson

Team 27- Cloud-Based Fuel Management System

Sponsor: Veeder-Root, Advisor: Dr. Seung-Hyun Hong

Team members: Andrew Canova, Nicholas Hajek, Rishi Mehta and Michelle Tsun


Third Place-

Team 24- Visual Inspection Automation

Sponsor: Jonal Labatories, Advisor: Dr. Wei Wei

Team members: Timothy Goodwin, Juhyeon Lee, James Liebler and Emily Maciejewski


Best wishes to all our graduating seniors. We wish you all well in your future endeavors!

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