Entry Level Computer Systems Engineer with Morris Controls

Duties include development of web applications and web based SQL applications in support of industrial and commercial projects. An interest in SaaS and cloud computing is essential.

Current development efforts also involve OPC projects for communication with industrial control systems.

Other duties include programming of PLC, servo, SCADA and robotic applications.

All programming activities will be under the guidance of senior staff and supervisors for the first two years.

This is an entry level position and the most important quality a candidate can possess is an interest in manufacturing and a willingness to learn. We will train the right candidate in  techniques for gathering and presenting commercial and manufacturing data in a cost effective and secure manner.

This is not an electrical engineering position but a basic knowledge of circuits is required for many of our programming tasks.

About Morris Controls:

If you like the idea of a fully autonomous work environment that is supportive and free of regulation and layers of management, you found us. Use your imagination and desire to help our clients solve a wide array of interesting engineering challenges.

Morris Controls designs and programs control systems for industrial, municipal, marine and animatronic applications. To apply, please send your resume to scott@morriscontrols.com For more information, please visit us at www.morriscontrols.com

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