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Graduate Students Compete in CS Trivia Game

The Computer Science and Engineering department welcomed its new graduate students for the fall semester.  Students and faculty got to know each other over ice cream from the UConn Dairy Bar and a rousing game of computer science trivia.  Graduate students formed teams and answered computer science trivia.  Questions ranged from the basic, such as the most popular programming languages, to the obscure, the origin of the word Endian used for byte ordering.  The winning team excelled on their ability to recall the port assignments of important protocols (such as 465 for secure SMTP).  The department looks forward to another successful year full of learning and just a bit of fun (and ice cream).


First Place winners pictured from left to right with Graduate Program Professor Benjamin Fuller, Pujan Joshi, Pranav Gomber, Paramik Dasgupta and Tham Hoang. 

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