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Why Pursue Graduate Training?

Graduate degrees provide students with the breadth of skills, theoretical foundations, practical education, and research experience suitable for careers in academia and leading high technology industries. Our graduates command positions at:

  • Over 30 different colleges and universities across the world
  • Technology companies such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), EMC, Carrier, Pratt & Whitney, UTRC and Anderson Consulting
  • Research centers such as NIST, IBM White Plains, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Xerox Corporate Research & Technology and the United Technology Research Center (UTRC)

Our internationally-recognized graduate program is supported by a wide swath of graduate courses, seminars, and colloquia; the programs¬†offer considerable flexibility to create a plan of study tailored to students’ needs and interests.

The department has active research groups in a wide variety of areas; see the research map for details.