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Dr. Walter Krawec Awarded Comcast Grant for the Development of Experimental Quantum Test-beds

Congratulations to Dr. Walter Krawec for being awarded a Comcast grant titled, “Development of Experimental Test-Bed for Multi-User Quantum Communication Protocols”. The next revolution of applications in ultra-secure communication and computing will be spurred by the large investment in quantum system development in Europe, US and China. The goal of quantum secure systems is to implement software protocols that leverage fundamental physical principles of this underlying quantum hardware. However, there is still a major divide between the protocols that guarantee security by quantum information theoretic analysis and currently achievable practical device (quantum hardware) limitations. Additionally, vulnerabilities can arise even in quantum communication channels if the software protocols do not leverage the quantum hardware in the optimal way. In this Project, in collaboration with researchers at Purdue University, we aim to make parallel strides on these two fronts by developing an experimental test-bed for quantum communications using security protocols that are aware of current hardware limitations. We plan to develop two dual-user Quantum Key Distribution (“QKD”) devices and study attack scenarios, impact of noise, and evaluate the performance of each development.