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Professor Meunier Receives Faculty of the Year Award

Professor Jeff Meunier was awarded the Faculty of the Year Award given by the Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) Honor Society. This is a unique award since students nominate and vote for their favorite professors. The society has been honoring faculty with this award for the past five years.

Jeff was nominated by his student, Andrew Guerra, who said the following about him: “I had the privilege of taking Professor Meunier’s CSE 1010 (Introduction to Programming for Engineers) course in the spring semester of my freshman year. Prior to that semester, I had been interested in a lot of different majors; I considered pre-med, mechanical engineering, business, and other majors, but none of them were quite the right fit. I found myself in the exploratory engineering program, unsure of how to progress next. Because I was in ACES, I decided to take CSE 1010. Professor Meunier made coding exciting and the assignments provided a dynamic insight on how coding is applied in a real engineering setting. I learned about complex topics far above the scope of most freshman classes, all broken up into easy to understand lectures. He was perpetually excited and enthusiastic about his course, and often gave great life advice as well. He was an instructor who really cared about his students, and his students knew that. I really appreciated his instruction, and I would like to nominate him for ALD’s faculty of the year award.”

When asked about the award, Professor Meunier stated, “I am honored to be recognized and happy to share my knowledge and passion for the field with the students. I’ve incorporated microcontrollers into CSE1010, adding a hands-on dimension to the course whereby students must assemble circuits and control them from the programming language Matlab, giving the programs a way to sense and affect the real world. This adds a different dimension to learning which the students find very interesting.”

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