Scholarships Awarded to Doctoral Students

Twenty-one Predoctoral Scholarships were presented to outstanding doctoral students in May.

Every year the CSE Department awards Predoctoral Fellowships to our best graduate students who are making clear progress towards a doctoral degree. The Predoctoral Fellowships are intended to accelerate progress of recipients towards completion of doctoral degree requirements. The applicants must be working on some aspect of the Ph.D. degree beyond coursework.


This year’s recipients are as follows:

Taylor L. Booth Graduate Fellowship

Jin Lu


Predoctoral Prize for Research Excellence

Tao Gong

Theophanis Hadjistasi


Predoctoral Fellowship

Ioannis Papavasileiou

Nicholas Cavanna

Abdullah-Al Mamun

Yanyuan Qin

Kewen Wang

Mahmoodreza Jahanseirroodsari

Tham Hoang

Nhan Nguyen


Predoctoral Honorable Mention

Xin Li

Hoda Maleki

Jingwen Pei

Saad Quader

Misagh Kordi

Levon Nazaryan

Marmar Moussa

Yaira Rivera Sanchez

Eugene Sanzi

Yue Zhao

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