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Air Force Research Lab-Virtual Reality, Serious Gaming Internship

This internship opportunity is for incoming freshmen to partake in a summer research position in computer science. Per the attached information flyer, Deep Horizons would like to offer you the opportunity for a flex-time internship researching virtual reality, serious gaming, and cybersecurity IT during your summer transition from high school to your first year of college studying CS.

This no-cost summer camp and paid research internship combination does not require relocation.  The summer camp and internship could be conducted from
your summer residence enabled by our 3D virtual reality research campus called Deep Horizons.

Dr. Rob Williams of the Air Force Research Laboratory, headquartered at Wright Patterson AFB, OH and the research director of AFRL’s Discovery Lab –
a year round student research internship leads the program. The following links to a short video and news articles will help you learn more about the internship:

  1. Who is Dr. Williams?: http://www.wpafb.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123336645

  2. What is AFRL Discovery Lab?:

  3. What do STEM students and the community think about this STEM research
    internship program?:

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Rob Williams, DR-04
Research Director, Discovery Lab and DEEP HORIZONS
Program Mgr, Year / Summer-at-the-Edge (YATE / SATE)
EN Focus Area:  AF STEM Undergrad Outreach & Education
Air Force Research Laboratory (202-104)
Wright Patterson AFB, OH
Email address: robert.williams.78@us.af.mil
Y/SATE Program Description: http://spie.org/x90910.xml

Application information is here.