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USG IT Director

Position Description for Information Technology Director

            The Information Technology Director will oversee all IT operations within USG, reporting to the Chief of Staff. He or she will act as a liaison with IT contractors and other outside parties. The Information Technology Director is responsible for the maintenance and management of the USG information technology infrastructure.  The Information Technology Director will be responsible for providing incidental technical support to the Executive Committee and USG Office Staff.  The Information Technology Director shall also complete various projects related to USG IT, as assigned by the Chief of Staff.  Furthermore, the Information Technology Director will be responsible for assessing the state of the USG IT infrastructure and providing reports to the Chief of Staff. The Information Technology Director will also advise the Executive Committee on any issues relating to information technology, including policy discussions.  

Specific Duties:

  • Report weekly to the Chief of Staff.
  • Attend Senior Staff Meetings.
  • Continuously monitor the state of USG IT infrastructure.  
  • Write a weekly report on the USG IT infrastructure.
  • Liaise with any IT Contractors.
  • Translate technical information into understandable terms to Senior Members of USG.
  • Assist the Chief of Staff with the maintenance of the USG website.
  • Act as the Assistant to the USG President for Information Technology, meeting with the President as needed.
  • Serve as a member on an appropriate standing Senate Committee.
  • Coordinate with the other members of Senior Staff as needed.
  • Attend all USG-wide functions.


  • At least one year’s relevant experience in IT.
  • Understanding and experience in networking and server technology.
  • Familiarity with WordPress and web design.
  • Availability of 10 hours per week on USG related activities.  These hours will likely be variable, dependent on the state of the USG IT systems.
  • Preferably a Computer Science/MIS major.
  • 3.0 GPA or higher.


Please send resume and cover letter to ChiefOfStaff@usg.uconn.edu