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Augmented Reality for BME Senior Design Project

UConn’s Biomedical Engineering Department is in need of someone that is either familiar with gaming engines or C++ to share their expertise with a current Senior Design BME project (2016/17) team.
The title of the project is “Augmented Reality for the Rehabilitation of the Lower Limbs of Amputee and Stroke Patients”. The existing augmented rehabilitation technique uses the Oculus Rift instead of the HoloLens to essentially achieve the same goal. Unity software is used in designing the obstacle course. In a new approach of this project, we would like to incorporate a HoloLens with Unity to design an augmented reality obstacle course for gait rehabilitation. The target patients are lower leg amputee patients and stroke patients looking to regain motor control and improve their balance and stamina. The project is coordinated by Professor Gielo-Perczak (Biomedical Engineering Department) and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Providence, RI.
If anyone is interested to work on this project, please contact Dr. Gielo-Perczak directly at Krystyna.Gielo-Perczak@uconn.edu. Thank you.