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Engineering, Computer Science, & Physics Majors Wanted for a Research Study

The Understanding Student Success study is being conducted to better understand why performance on a particular cognitive measure is associated with success in various domains. Participants will complete a cognitive task, which involves observing a set of rectangles and then clicking on the location of each one after they are no longer visible.  After completing the task, participants will respond to questions about the task and themselves. This study should take approximately 30 minutes.

All engineering (any engineering major), computer science, and physics majors are eligible to participate. Participants will receive $10.

Study sessions will be held in the Bousfield Psychology Building. To sign up to participate, please go to https://uconnpsych.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_e34bT1UqAlhZln7. For any questions, please email Elizabeth Lawner at elizabeth.lawner@uconn.edu.

This research is being conducted under the direction of Diane M. Quinn, Ph.D., department of psychological sciences.