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Lead Software Developer with Republic Systems

Republic Systems, Inc.
Lead Developer Profile
June 2015

Contact: Rob Hughes, Founder

Republic Systems is a startup company based in CT focused on building technology for federal and state government agencies using the leading open source and crowdsourcing platforms and processes. The initial team includes the founders of www.topcoder.com. The advisory board includes professors from Harvard University and London School of Economics. The company has secured angel funding and will pursue venture capital in order to fuel rapid growth. Candidate should be willing to relocate to Boston or NYC. Compensation may include salary commensurate to startup organizations, performance bonuses and/or an equity position in the company.

Primary responsibilities for Lead Software Developer:

  1. Work with founders and early customers to understand the business processes, workflow and user interface characteristics of target systems.

  2. Contribute design and process ideas for the platforms to be developed. Participate in the understanding and protection of intellectual property of the platforms.

  3. Execute the build of the platforms:

    1. Present a game plan for the build of the platforms including technologies to be used, timeline and budget.

    2. Create development, test and production environments of the platforms independently or in coordination with a hosting platform (i.e. Amazon, Rackspace).

    3. RS expects minimal custom coding and minimal use of outside resources for the build and maintenance of the platform. We expect maximum use of open source technologies, community-­‐based services and substantial work by the candidate to provide integration of technologies and user experience.

  4. Monitor and report on health and scale of the system.

  5. Project usage and functional growth of the system and plan necessary scale and security controls.

Candidate attributes:

  1. Education (full or partial) at recognized leading technology school or university system or lab equivalent.

  2. Prior experience in a start up(s) business that experienced high growth and/or experience in open source development project(s) or development communities including topcoder, sourceforge, and github.

  3. Strong desire to be hands on contributor to a high growth business that has technology as a significant value component.