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Short-term VBA/Excel Programmer with Habasit America

Habasit America, a worldwide leader in Belting industry, is looking for a VBA programmer for their Timing Belts Extrusion department in Middletown, CT.

We are looking for a programmer to create an Excel/VBA program

  • For planning of daily production
  • Should adjust the production schedule based on priority
  • Should correlate actual production with inventory
  • Should be able to account for time required based on yields and standard run-times
  • Should adjust the start and end times for products based on daily changes in schedule downtimes, unexpected downtimes, change in standard run-times, change in yields, changes in sequence, change of order quantity
  • Should be able to tell if orders are on time or delayed based on shipping dates
  • Should be on a user friendly interface like MS Excel, MS Visio

We will be providing the basic visual structure of the Planning Matrix.

Duration: 1 month contractual

For more details, contact: Arthur Williams at Arthur.Williams@us.habasit.com