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Senior Python Developer

Bioinformatics Programmer
Smpl Bio is developing software tools which enable rapid and accurate identification of
statistically relevant biomarkers and experimental design for targeted ‘omics platforms. These
tools extract informative biomarkers from biological “big data” and create targeted assay
panels tailored to each datatype and customized to the constraints of vendor specific

We have an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Bioinformatics Programmer. To qualify
you must have a Master’s degree in computer science, biological sciences or related
discipline or two years experience in computational biology. The role will span both research
and product development responsibilities.

The successful candidate will be responsible for implementation of new algorithms and
visualization techniques into our existing API. Additionally they will provide support for
bioinformatics processing and up stream analysis of both clinical and research datasets. This
includes RNASeq alignment, gene expression quantification and enrichment analysis.
Excellent communication skills, proficiency with Linux, Python and common bioinformatics
workflows are essential.

Smpl Bio is a spinout from the University of Connecticut and was founded by a diverse group
of faculty, engineers and software business veterans. Smpl Bio is dedicated to fastpaced,
agile software development and democratizing experimental design, biomarker selection and
predictive analysis of biological data. A willingness to work in a fast evolving,
demanding, and diverse environment that such a startup provides is necessary.

Telecommuting is an option for the right candidate.

Please send your resume/CV and supporting information to jobs@smplbio.com. Links to
GitHub/Bitbucket, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs or forums which you actively maintain are helpful.
You should include in the email or cover letter a description of work you are proud of, your
background and why you are interested in Smpl Bio.