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The research group works cooperatively on projects involving a variety of topics in distributed and parallel computing. These include:
  • Performance Analysis Techniques/Methodologies for Parallel and Distribute Computing Systems: constructing engineering models (e.g. performance models), and using these models to predict and optimize performance.
  • Software Performance Engineering: the development of software design methodologies which incorporate the use of performance modeling to satisfy performance specifications (as in a real-time system), or to optimize performance (as in a parallel computing application).
  • Real-Time Distributed Computing Systems: cooperative work with industry in different applications such as high speed non-destructive testing of railroad tracks and pipelines.
  • Analytic Modeling of Computer and Distributed Queueing developing and enhancing matrix techniques for understanding the unusual behavior of certain queueing systems. This has come to be known as "Linear Algebraic Queueing Theory" (LAQT). Applying these techniques to telecommunications networks, where many researchers have found that the traffic seen on both inter- and intra-nets, is very unusual. This behavior, variously known as "Self-Similar," "Chaotic," and "Long-range," is not well represented by the standard models that have been in use for the last 30 years. Our model (called the N-Burst process) promises to be very useful for understanding why telecommunications appear to be so unstable. It is the only analytic model (as opposed to simulation model) that treats traffic flow as the point process it is (as opposed to `continuous flow' models).
  • Fault-tolerance Distributed and Parallel Systems: The theoretical foundations and practical applications of dependable distributed computing technology. The research can be classified into: Dependable distributed system building blocks, Algorithms and complexity, Application design and deployment.
  • The DISCO Lab is located in the Wilbur Cross Building on the UConn main campus (Phone: 486-0849). The DISCO Lab organizes a seminar series every Wednesday at 11:00am.
<strong>Faculty Members</strong><br />
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<a href="index.php/faculty-and-staff/faculty-contacts/10-reda-a-ammar"> Reda A. Ammar</a>, (Director) Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut<br />
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<a href="index.php/faculty-and-staff/faculty-contacts/15-ian-greenshields"> Ian Greenshields</a>, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut<br />
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<a href="index.php/faculty-and-staff/faculty-contacts/28-lester-lipsky"> Lester Lipsky</a>, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut<br />
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Howard Scholl, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut<br />
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<a href="">DISCO website</a>


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