Provisional M.S. Acceptance Processing Form

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Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! You have been provisionally accepted to the M.S. program in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut.

You have been provisionally accepted without financial support. This does not reflect poorly on your application—the department rarely admits M.S. students with funding unless they are already involved in research at the University. Occasionally, the department has offered teaching assistantships to M.S. students with strong language skills after a semester of study; however, you must have a financial plan that would permit you to complete M.S. studies without departmental financial support. International students will be required to provide formal evidence of sufficient financial resources in order to obtain a student visa.

We will hold your place in the program until May 15 (for Fall admissions) or November 15 (for Spring admissions).  Once you have decided whether you wish to enroll, please complete and submit the web form below.

Please check either the Yes or No checkbox below.

I understand that the University provides no guarantee of funding, and have sufficient financial resources to support myself for at least a year of full-time studies.

Once you submit this form, you can expect to hear from the UConn Graduate School in no more than 10 working days with an official letter of acceptance and, if you are an international student, instructions for applying for your I-20. This will require formal evidence of sufficient financial resources.

You are given a list of an odd number of integers and wish to find the median element (that would appear in the middle when sorted). It’s possible to do this with a linear number of comparisons. How?


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