Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is committed to supporting all interested students in their preparation for a career in computer science and engineering. The curriculum is designed to provide the opportunity for all to succeed regardless of cultural or professional background. We offer courses at all levels of expertise and interest, spanning introductory programming courses to innovative research courses. For example, CSE-1010 assumes no prior knowledge of programming or software development and provides a strong foundation of computer science and mathematics to succeed in CSE and other engineering disciplines; whereas, our newly created Engineering Data Science Certificate provides the opportunity for all students to gain proficiency in the high-demand field of data science through online and distance learning.

Prof. Jinbo Bi and the 2019 Machine Learning Summer Workshop

We provide an environment inclusive to all cultural, social, and professional backgrounds, evidenced by recent events organized by our department. Prof. Jinbo Bi organized the 2019 Machine Learning Summer Workshop aimed at leading youth (middle and high schoolers) into the emerging worlds of machine learning and artificial intelligence; in the same year, Profs. Walter Krawec and Derek Aguiar organized lectures in computer science and a week-long project based course in machine learning as part of the Explore Engineering initiative. Profs. Qian Yang, Fei Miao, and Sheida Nabavi helped organize or speak at the first annual Women in STEM Frontiers in Research Expo (WiSFiRE) in January of 2020. This one-day conference featured talks by female STEM faculty outlining their research and career journeys, and an opportunities for students to network and start collaborations with engineering and natural science professors from around campus.

The Department of CSE joins the School of Engineering and the University of Connecticut in continually aiming for a more supportive and inclusive environment across all dimensions of diversity. The School of Engineering supports eleven programs designed to facilitate outreach, recruitment, retention and overall success of all members of the engineering community (including pre-college students and teachers), but particularly those from traditionally underrepresented STEM backgrounds. Established in 2016, the University Diversity Council seeks to develop and implement a multidimensional diversity and inclusion plan that supports our core values and the recommendations from the diversity task force report. The University supports several Cultural Centers that act as a central reference point for community issues and work to shed light on issues faced by underrepresented populations. For more information concerning on-going efforts to support diversity and inclusion, please see the School of Engineering and University diversity resources.


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