Graduate Studies

The School of Computing offers internationally-recognized Ph.D., M.S. and MENG degree programs for both full-time and part-time students. These programs offer considerable flexibility and are supported by a wide swath of graduate courses, seminars, and faculty research programs focusing on distributed computing, algorithms, security, cryptography, performance modeling, reliability, networking, optimization, bioinformatics, data mining, databases, software engineering, computer architecture, computational geometry, image processing, and artificial intelligence.

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Our graduate population is currently approximately 150 students, with 100 Ph.D. and 50 Master’s students.

Graduate Programs

  • The Doctoral Program prepares students for careers in research and teaching. Doctoral students typically already possess a Master’s degree. The program incorporates both coursework and original research, culminating in a doctoral dissertation.
  • The Master of Science Program offers a flexible advanced degree program either comprised entirely of graduate coursework (Plan B) or culminating in a Master’s thesis (Plan A). The program is generally intended to prepare students for research or teaching.
  • The Master of Science in Data Science at UConn is designed to help you acquire all of the skills you will need as a data scientist; the degree programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in data analysis and its application to multiple industry sectors and fields of practice.
  • UConn’s Master of Engineering (MENG.) in Computer Science and Engineering is a 30-credit graduate degree intended to prepare students for careers in the computing industry. The program has a broad focus on computing skills, including theoretical foundations and practical experience. (Online/Distance learning options are available)
  • UConn’s Master of Engineering (MENG ) in Data Science is a 30-credit online and distance learning graduate degree focused on a comprehensive coverage of methods in data science. The program is intended to prepare students for careers in industry. (Online/Distance Learning)
  • The 5-year Integrated Bachelor’s and Master of Science Program in CS, CSE or Computer Engineering.
  • Engineering Data Science Certificate provides key insights into data analytics through the lens of an engineer. The 4-course program focuses on theory and practice of data science, machine learning, and data mining. (Online/Distance Learning)

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