Data Science and Engineering

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The new Data Science and Engineering major has been designed to meet the skyrocketing demand for data scientists and engineers in today’s information-technology driven economy.  The program produces graduates with strong computing, engineering, and analytics competencies that will design and build systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale.  The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills required throughout the data science lifecycle, including the principles of data acquisition, management, integration, predictive modeling, and visualization. Required courses provide rigorous training in computer programming, algorithms, data structures, databases, statistical inference, predictive modeling, big data analytics, and machine learning as well as data security, privacy, and ethics. Elective courses provide students the opportunity to acquire advanced competencies in areas such as artificial intelligence, data mining, software engineering, numerical computing, and stochastic modeling and to become familiar with various data-intensive scientific and engineering domains. All Data Science and Engineering majors complete a year-long senior design project where they apply their skills to design and implement solutions to real-world data-intensive problems.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS), and requires a minimum of 120 credits.

Program Requirements

Math and Science Requirements

Required Courses

  • CSE 1010 (Introduction to Computing for Engineers)
  • CSE 2050 (Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design)
  • CSE 2500 (Introduction to Discrete Systems)
  • CSE 2600 (Introduction to Data Science and Engineering)
  • CSE 3000 (Contemporary Issues in Computer Science and Engineering)
  • CSE 3140 (Cybersecurity Lab)
  • CSE 3500 (Algorithms and Complexity)
  • CSE 4502 (Big Data Analytics)
  • CSE 4701 (Principles of Databases)
  • CSE 4820 (Introduction to Machine Learning)
  • CSE 4939W (Computer Science and Engineering Design Project I)
  • CSE 4940 (Computer Science and Engineering Design Project II)

Elective DSE Courses

A minimum of four (4) courses totaling 12 credits from the following list: 

Free Electives

Additional elective courses to reach a minimum of 120 credits.

Course Schedule Template

Data Science and Engineering Program: 2024-2025

Previous years: 2023-2024

Plan of Study Requirement

All Engineering students in the first semester of their Junior year, or for transfer students in their second semester at UConn, whichever is later, must prepare a written preliminary Plan of Study form. The preliminary Plan of Study form documents the coursework he/she intends to take in order to satisfy the degree requirements.  A final Plan of Study must also be submitted as soon as possible after registering for the final semester of coursework. Instructions on how to submit both the preliminary and final Plan of Study forms are available here.


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