Master’s Programs

The department offers several Master’s degrees. We recommend the Master of Engineering for most in-person students and all on-line students, as the Master of Science degree is predominantly focused on preparing students for further academic work.

Master of Engineering Overview

The M. Eng. programs are both in-person and online programs generally intended to prepare students for a career in industry. The CSE Department offers two Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degrees: (a) the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) degree is offered both in-person and online; (b) the Data Science degree is offered online. The CSE M.Eng. program emphasizes both the theory and practice of computing with an eye to preparedness for industry. The Data Science M.Eng. program includes courses on the fundamental theory and practice of data science including topics from big data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and data mining in an accessible online and distance learning modality. For more details see the Master of Engineering Programs.

Master of Science Overview

The M.S. program is an in-person program generally intended to prepare students for a career in research or teaching. The M.S. program in CSE (and at UConn, in general), has two options: Plan A (thesis) and Plan B (non-thesis). Each of these programs requires a total of 30 credits, with the thesis counting for 9 credits in the Plan A program. The Plan A degree is most appropriate for students aspiring to pursue doctoral studies or a career in research. Both programs are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects of computer science. For more details, see the CSE Master’s of Science.

5-year Integrated Bachelor’s and Master of Science

Undergraduates in the CS, CSE and CompE programs may apply for the 5-year Master’s program. This provides a streamlined path to the Master of Science degree, offering opportunities for reduced credit totals and financial support.  For more details, see the 5 year BS & MS Program in CSE


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