Masters Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers both a traditional M.S. degree in CSE and a Master of Engineering and Certificate in Data Science.

Master of Science Overview

Many students enter the master’s program in order to more fully prepare for a career in industry: at the completion of the program they intend to seek employment in a computing-related field. Other students plan on continuing their studies at the Ph.D. level. The master’s degree in this case represents a preparatory period designed to give the necessary tools and background needed to carry out the more individualized and self-directed research involved in Ph.D. studies.

The M.S. program in CSE (and at UConn, in general), has two options, Plan A (thesis) and Plan B (non-thesis), roughly reflecting the two choices above. Each of these programs requires a total of 30 credits, with the thesis counting for 9 credits in the Plan A program. Thus the Plan A program allows a student to combine individual study with general coursework. We strongly encourage the Plan A degree for students aspiring to pursue doctoral studies. Both programs are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects of computer science. The Master’s program assumes that the student already has a background in computing equivalent to a B.A. or B.S. in Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, or Computer Engineering. Well qualified students without this background will require additional undergraduate course work to make up any deficiencies. For more details, see the Masters of Science program at CSE.

Master of Engineering Overview

The CSE Department offers two Master of Engineering (MENG) degrees in (a) Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and (b) Data Science. The CSE MEng emphasizes breadth, theory, and practice in a computing field. The Data Science MEng includes courses on the fundamental theory and practice of data science including topics from big data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and data mining in an accessible online and distance learning modality. For more details, see the Masters of Engineering program at CSE.


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