Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships

School Support and Fellowships

The Taylor L. Booth Graduate Fellowship

The Taylor L. Booth graduate Fellowship is the department’s highest honor for doctoral students.

Eligibility. Open to all students currently in the graduate degree program in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Connecticut who intend to pursue a faculty career at an American university upon completion of their Ph.D. here.

Application procedure. Each candidate should submit an application letter detailing their career goals and emphasizing their experience and contributions as a teacher. A faculty member who has supervised the candidate’s teaching should provide a detailed letter of support. The candidate’s major adviser should also provide a letter of support which describes the candidate’s research accomplishments and future potential as a faculty member. Application materials are to be sent to the department chair.

Predoctoral Fellowships

Predoctoral Fellowships are awarded by departmental recommendation and are intended to accelerate progress of recipients towards completion of doctoral degree requirements. Applicants for the fellowships must be in good standing and must be working on some aspect of their Ph.D. degree beyond coursework.

Professor Reda Ammar Fellowship in CSE

Applicants for this fellowship must be matriculated at, or have graduated from, an institution of higher education located outside the United States and demonstrate financial need. Priority consideration will be given to students who have a demonstrated interest in the people, language, history, culture, or other studies related to the Middle East.

Anthony W. DeSio Endowed Fellowship in CSE

Applicants for this fellowship must demonstrate academic achievement, financial need, and demonstrate interest in computer science and engineering. Priority consideration will be given to students who have completed at least four years of military service in the United States.

Marion and Frederick Buckman Engineering Fellowship

Applicants for this fellowship must be a graduate student enrolled full-time in the School of Computing and demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

Sarah Levitan Larie CSE Fellowship

Applicants for this fellowship must be pursuing a master’s degree in the School of Computing and demonstrate financial need and/or be meritorious.

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are the most common means of direct financial support. Consult the graduate school’s assistantship resources for details regarding stipend and benefits. Research Assistanships are typically offered as a part of a grant-funded research program directed by a CSE faculty member; they support student research activities. Teaching Assistantships are typically offered by the department; they support departmental instructional activities. Teaching Assistantships require English language proficiency.

University and College Fellowships and Assistantships

Below is a summary of some avenues graduate students (or applicants) can pursue to obtain financial support.

College and University-wide Graduate Fellowships

The Graduate School maintains a listing of internal funding opportunities. Especially notable among these are the

  • the Giolas-Harriott Fellowship (GHF) and the Crandall-Cordero Fellowship (CCF),
  • the Outstanding Scholars Program, and
  • the NexGenCT Scholar’s Award.

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