Minors Offered

Computer Science Minor

This Computer Science minor requires at least 15 credits of Computer Science and Engineering coursework at the 2000-level or above; both CSE 2050 and CSE 2500 are mandatory (and count towards this credit requirement).

The minor is not open to students majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering.

The minor is offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department. For more information, contact Professor Ion Mandoiu in the Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Information Assurance Minor

The minor is designed to offer a basic understanding of computer security and information assurance to support the increased demand for information security professionals.

The minor is jointly offered by the Department of Operations and Information Management, School of Business and by the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering.

Further information is here.

Information Technology Minor

Course Requirements:

  1. Two required courses (six credits): CE 2110 and CSE 2500.
  2. Two courses from the following (six credits): CSE 2102, CSE 2304, CSE 3300, CSE 3500, CSE 3502, CSE 3504, CSE 3802, CSE 4100, CSE 4300, CSE 4500, CSE 4701, CSE 4703, and CSE 4705.
  3. One additional course to be determined by the student and the faculty advisor (three credits).

Note that due to CSE prerequisites, both CSE1100C and CSE1102 are also required but are not counted as part of the minor.

The minor is offered by the School of Engineering. For information about the Information Technology minor, contact Professor Michel.

Minors Available to CS/CSE/CE Students

Consult the complete list of UCONN minors. Minors of frequent interest to our students are:

General requirements for minors at UCONN

Minors are available only to matriculated students currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree. While not required for graduation, a minor provides an option for the student who wants an academic focus in addition to a major. Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) grade or better in each of the required courses for that minor. A maximum of 3 credits toward the minor may be transfer credits of courses equivalent to University of Connecticut courses.  A plan of study for the minor signed by the department or program head, director, or faculty designee must be submitted to the Degree Audit Office during the first four weeks of the semester in which the student expects to graduate.  The minor is then recorded on the student’s final transcript. The minor may be chosen from any of those listed in the university catalog as minors.

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