Doctoral Students Awarded Fellowships

Congratulations to 14 Ph.D. students who were awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship on May 11, 2020! These prestigious awards are given to outstanding students to further their progress toward degree completion.

Saad Quadar received the department’s top honor – the Taylor L. Booth graduate fellowship. This fellowship, named after UConn alum and CSE department founder Taylor L. Booth, is awarded to a doctoral student intending to pursue a faculty career at an American university upon completion of their Ph.D.

Departmental Research Excellence Awards were presented to Yanyuan Qin, Theodore Jensen, Zigeng Wang and Chao Shang.

Departmental Research Fellowship recipients included Fatemeh Zare, Md Abdullah Al Fahim, Songyang Han, Shweta Ware, Hasan Iqbal, Guannan Liang, Sohaib Ahmad, Tianyu Wang and Xia Xiao.

Congratulations to everyone on your recent award and accomplishments!

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