Collaboration with Industry

Several of our faculty lead collaborations with industry partners, including, Comcast, Electric Boat, Travelers Insurance, Pfizer, Emerson Automation Solutions, and Texas Instruments. Many of these collaborations are facilitated by the newly constructed Innovation Partnership Building where faculty and industry partners co-locate. Details on these projects are more sparse due to non-disclosure agreements, but we include some highlights below.

  • In the project with Travelers, Dr. Jinbo Bi is leading a group to develop methods for detecting damaged residential buildings from satellite images, and automatically categorize the severity of damage.
  • Dr. Alexander Russell works with IOHK, a blockchain/cryptocurrency company.
  • Dr. Benjamin Fuller has active collaborations with Synchrony on simplifying access control mechanisms based on clustering and development of honeypot techniques that can be automatically deployed and torn down.
  • Dr. Caiwen Ding works with Microsoft on accelerating transformer-based large-scale language models.
  • Dr. Fei Miao works with Eversource Energy through UConn’s Eversource Energy Center, for a project of power network cybersecurity, analyze the effect of IoT device attacks through simulation, design attack detection, and localization methodologies based on machine learning and control theory. 

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