Student Administrative Assistant position

Job description: 

The Reducing Information Ecosystem Threats (RIET) Lab is seeking an assistant who will work directly with Prof. Dori-Hacohen as well as with our Research Assistants and external partners. You will have a chance to greatly improve our lab’s research output, thus having an incredibly high impact on some of the world’s most challenging problems. You will have a fair amount of autonomy on when and how to work within the scope of the lab’s needs. You will also be exposed to cutting edge research ideas and programs. 

Your tasks will include analyzing and tracking funding and publication opportunities, assisting in prioritization, keeping a close eye on a large number of (sometimes competing) deadlines, managing email & scheduling meetings, providing daily email and calendar digests, flagging key/urgent emails, and coordinating with other partners for scheduling and collaboration purposes. 

About Us: The Reducing Information Ecosystem Threats (RIET) Lab researches some of the most vexing threats to democratic nations, including disinformation, weaponized controversy, trust erosion on- and offline, and botnets, from a computational perspective. We use state-of-the-art technologies and collect petabyte-scale datasets from social networks. Our research focuses on threats to the information ecosystem online and to healthy public discourse from an information retrieval lens, informed by insights from the social sciences. Upcoming projects address the connections between m/disinformation and weaponized controversy, online and in social networks; and utilizing cybersecurity and graph theoretic approaches to detect malicious actors. Additionally, our research addresses fairness and bias in medicine. The RIET lab tackles these research questions from an AI ethics, fairness & safety perspective.

Job requirements: Undergraduate, reliable, conscientious, detail-oriented, flexible, self-motivated and able to self-manage, calm under pressure; being a good listener is a plus. Familiarity with GSuite required; familiarity with Outlook/Teams, Slack, Evernote, and/or GTD preferred. 

Number of current openings: 1
Hours: 10-15 hours/wk
Hourly rate: $14/hour
 ASAP for Academic year (summer optional)
Contact Person: Shiri Dori-Hacohen
Contact email:
Work Location: Remote

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