The Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

The Computer Science (CS) program provides a rigorous education that combines central topics in computing and specialization in a more focused area with added emphasis on the physical and architectural underpinnings of modern computer system design. Our graduates have the breadth of understanding a practice both in traditional areas of computing and in applications to other disciplines.

The Program Educational Objectives describe our graduates expected accomplishments during the first few years following graduation from the program. The Computer Science Program Educational Objectives are that our alumni/ae:

  • Practice and grow as computing professionals, conducting research and/or leading, designing, developing or maintaining projects in various technical areas of computer science.
  • Utilize knowledge and skills in Computer Science effectively for improving the society.
  • Use new technical advancements of Computer Science to produce tangible contributions in the profession.

The CS Student Outcomes are identical to ABET Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) Student Outcomes 1 to 6:

  1. analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.
  2. design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s discipline.
  3. communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  4. recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.
  5. function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the program’s discipline.
  6. apply computer science theory and software development fundamentals to produce computing-based solutions.

The following Population Data enumerates the undergraduate student population of the CS program at the Storrs Campus in recent years.

Since Fall 2020, the numbers do not include students at Stamford campus.

  Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors Graduates*1
Fall 2018 109 68 88 93 75
Fall 2019 131 76 100 100 76
Fall 2020 179 110 119 124 90
Fall 2021 182 110 148 120 95
Fall 2022 249 136 145 165 126
Fall 2023 264 160 190 193  

The following Population Data enumerates the undergraduate student population of the CS program at Stamford in recent years.

  Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors Graduates*1
Fall 2020 24 19 14 14 8
Fall 2021 29 19 19 17 13
Fall 2022 42 17 20 20 16
Fall 2023 56 29 22 22  

*1. Students who graduate in the academic year starting from the Fall semester.

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